Superintendent Search Update

The Virginia Public School District is excited to announce that Dr. Noel N. Schmidt has been offered the position as Superintendent of Virginia Public Schools.  The process, lead by School Exec Connect, was a rigorous selection process that included meetings between the three final candidates and District stakeholders.  After the meetings, stakeholders provided feedback that the school board carefully considered.

The School Board reviewed all of the feedback and information in a special meeting on Wednesday, June 22, 2016, and unanimously voted to extend the offer to Dr. Schmidt.   Dr. Schmidt was chosen from a highly qualified field and the School Board is confident that Dr. Schmidt will lead the District to even higher achievement by guiding the district through implementation of the strategic plan with his leadership and experience.

Dr. Schmidt currently serves as the Central Lake Middle School Principal in White Bear Lake, where he has been employed since 2001.  Previously he worked as the Associate Principal at Sunrise Park Middle School in White Bear Lake, and before that he was the Dean of Students at Red Wing Middle School in Red Wing.

Dr. Schmidt grew up the small southwest Minnesota town of Westbrook, and states he is really looking forward to being part of a small town community.


Superintendent Search

Dear Virginia School District Stakeholders:

The Virginia Minnesota Public Schools’ Board is seeking your input as we begin the important responsibility of hiring a new superintendent.

To begin the process of seeking a superintendent the School Exec Connect consultants, Dr. Kenneth (Ken) Dragseth, Ms. Patty Phillips and Dr. Antoinette (Toni) Johns will meet with board members, school district staff, parents, students and community members individually and in focus groups to determine the strengths, challenges, goals for our district and the characteristics or skills you would like to see in a superintendent. Additionally, our staff and community members will have the opportunity to give confidential written feedback to the consultants via a link from our district website (the survey link is now closed.) Using this information, we will develop a profile of the desired skills and characteristics in the next superintendent.

The position will be advertised and candidates will be recruited from April 15 to May 31. On June 13 the Board and consultants will meet to review and select candidates to be initially interviewed. The Board will interview four to six recommended candidates on June 14 and 15 and narrow the field to two or three finalists on June 15. Each finalist will be invited for an all day interview process including open forums that will be available to staff, students, community members as well as a final formal Board interview. The second round of individual interviews for finalists will occur on June 20, June 21 and June 22, if needed. The Board will ask staff, students and community to provide input into the selection, by participating in an open question and answer session with each candidate and filling in a feedback sheet to be shared with the Board. We plan to act on the new superintendent as soon as possible in late June or early July.

Please feel free to contact Ken Dragseth (952-210-2790), Patty Phillips (651-357-0996) or Toni Johns (612-309-1511) if you have any questions regarding the search. We look forward to your assistance in this search process and believe that your input will help us make the best possible choice for your next superintendent.

Board of Education, Virginia Minnesota Public Schools Stacey Sundquist, Chair Tom Tammaro, Vice Chair Kimberly Stokes, Treasurer Sonya Pineo, Director

Greg Manninen, Clerk Bill Hafdahl, Director

Mission Statement

“A source of community strength and pride, the Virginia Public Schools work in partnership with families and the local community to educate and engage our students and prepare them to be productive and responsible citizens.”


Organizational Values

The Virginia Public Schools’ work is guided by these principles:

  • Respect – Our District upholds the concept of equality and practices mutual respect for individual differences at every level of school interaction. We want all students to feel they belong, are included, and have the opportunity to learn in a safe environment.
  • The Whole Child – We embrace a comprehensive approach to education that ensures each student is healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged. Our definition of success is focused on the balanced development of children in addition to academic achievement.
  • Highest Quality – Our District values a culture of continuous improvement, seeking out best practices and regularly assessing our results in order to maximize individual student potential.
  • Community Engagement – We address the comprehensive needs of students through a shared responsibility and mutual partnership between students, families, school and community.
  • Stewardship – As a public school, we are dedicated to utilizing the community’s educational assets in an accountable, cost-effective way, keeping the collective needs of students as our top priority.


Vision Of Educational Success

The Virginia Public School District envisions an environment where every child matters and strong community roots foster success.  Young adults emerging from our schools will be well-rounded in their experiences and knowledge from academics, to the arts, to athletics.  This range of opportunities will allow individuals to explore and discover their talents and interests, eventually helping them to determine a career path and lifetime pursuits.  Alignment of coursework with their individual career choice will fully prepare students for whichever post-secondary path they want to follow, understanding that all these choices have value.  Every student will be supported to graduate from high school, and will do so knowing the next steps they will take toward achieving their future goals.

No matter their direction, all students will possess basic life skills, be financially literate, and have the ability to use 21st century technology.  They will be critical thinkers and creative problem solvers who love learning and are motivated to continue gaining knowledge throughout their lives.  They will know how to think for themselves while working towards a common goal with a diverse group of people.  They will be kind and respectful young adults with the interpersonal skills that allow them to function well in society.  They will possess inner strength and confidence, and will have developed the resilience and coping skills needed to face life’s challenges.  They will be physically and mentally healthy and take responsibility for leading healthy lifestyles.  Students will leave our school with a sense of belonging and pride in the community they come from, be able to think beyond themselves, and have a desire to give back.

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