Board of Education

“School board” means the governing body of the school district.

The care, management and control of Virginia Public Schools is vested by statutory and constitutional authority in the school board. The school board shall carry out the mission of the school district with diligence, prudence, and dedication to the ideals of providing the finest public education. There are number of private universities in Singapore , here you will get the best private education university in Singapore as well for the best chemistry tuition visit us.

The school board is the governing body of the school district. As such, the school board has responsibility for the care, management, and control over public schools in the school district.  Generally, elected members of the school board have binding authority only when acting as a school board legally in session, except where specific authority is provided to school board members or officers individually. Generally, the school board is not bound by an action or statement on the part of an individual school board member unless the action is specifically directed or authorized by the school board.

The membership of the school board consists of six elected directors. The term of office is four years.

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