School Board Goals



The Virginia School Board shall continue to:


1.      Explore establishing a program for four-year-old children to better prepare students for school.

2.      Provide resources to all students so they will perform at grade level or better in reading and mathematics by the end of grade 3.

3.      Improve reading, mathematics, writing and science test scores at all grade levels for all students.

4.      Develop and maintain a strong curriculum that prepares our students for life long learning and the “World’s Best Work Force.”

5.      Provide a safe, healthy environment and facilities for teaching and learning for all students, staff and visitors.

6.      Maintain financial stability and an adequate fund balance.

7.      Better communication with our school families and community.

Approved:  November 25, 2013






  • Virginia Minnesota Public Schools
  • ISD 706
  • 411 South 5th Ave.
  • Virginia, MN 55792
  • Phone: 218-749-5437
  • Fax: 218-741-8522