Adult Classes

Mini Duo Beading Class

Tues., Jan 24               5:30-8:30pm       A140                       $13

Join Diane and make a unique bracelet that you will be sure to cherish for years to come. Supply fee paid at class.


Can I Retire

Tues. Jan. 24               6:30-7:30pm   Resource Center           Free

Thurs. Feb. 9                6:30-7:30pm   Resource Center           Free

Thurs. Mar. 9               6:30-7:30pm   Resource Center           Free

This Workshop addresses six risks retirees face, including outliving your income and rising health care costs. You’ll learn how to confidently meet these challenges. Questions answered: Will I have enough to retire? Could I outlive my retirement income? Are my assets protected?


Tropical Zentangle

Wed., Jan 25        6:30-8:30 pm                     A140                 $12

Escape winter with some exciting zentangle techniques themed around the tropics. We will do up a Toucan, a Hawaiian sunset, catch some waves and explore the islands with hibiscus and hula dancers, all the while picking up the latest trends in zentanle. Bring your imagination and we will do some exploring in black and white as well as color.


Adult Beginning Crochet Class

Wed. Jan. 25                  6:00-8:00-pm       Resource Center     $25

Wed. Feb. 8                    6:00-8:00-pm        Resource Center     $25

Wed. Feb. 22                  6:00-8:00-pm       Resource Center     $25

Wed. Mar. 8                     6:00-8:00-pm       Resource Center     $25

Wed. Mar. 22                  6:008:00-pm         Resource Center     $25

Join former Michaels instructor April King as she teaches you this fun and relaxing craft! If you always wanted to learn to crochet of if you know how to and just want to refine your craft this is the class for you! Any levels welcome! All supplies will be provided and a door prize will be given away at every class.


Five Money Questions for Women

Mon. Jan. 30                   6:00-8:00 pm         Resource Center           Free

This Seminar shares perspective on a process women can use to identify financial goals and set a strategy. Discusses rule of 72, systematic investing, employer-sponsored retirement plans and IRAs as strategies for saving.


Oil Painting –“Moon Glow”

Thurs., Feb. 2                 5:30-9:30pm       A140                                    $15

Gail Peterson will take you step by step to finish a Beautiful Moon scene. Pay $12 supply fee to the instructor at the class.


Bring Balance to Your Budget

Mon. Feb. 6                     6:00pm-8:00 pm   Resource Center        Free

This class encourages developing a budget, identifying financial goals, understanding the balance between spending, saving and borrowing and having a strategy.


Masters’ Swim Workouts

2nd Mon. /month              6:00-8:00pm       Roos. Pool                         $27

This course offers a group workout for all advanced swimmers. Organized by the Nort’landers Swim Club. Call Jim Hafdahl for more information at 741-4824.


Chef Dan’s Cooking Class

Mon. Feb. 6                6:00-8:30pm       A140                                        $35

Join Chef Dan Schimka from Giant’s Ridge as he prepares and cooks an amazing meal for you! A menu is not available at this time but it will be sure to be a hit!


Paint a Hummingbird with Flowers

Wed. Feb. 8                    6:30-8:30pm            A140                               $30

Draw and paint a hummingbird with iridescent feathers hovering over some beautiful flowers with acrylic on canvas. Step-by-step instruction in drawing and painting will make this class fun and easy to achieve a delightful scene. Emphasis on creating textures with feather using old brushes will be given.


Traveling to Alaska is Easier Than You Think

Wed. Feb. 8                 6:00-8:00 pm             Resource Center

This is an informative two hour presentation geared to folks interested in traveling to Alaska on their own or with the help of experienced travelers.

Sharon and Alan Finifrock will share their 22 plus years of Alaskan living, traveling to, from, and within Alaska to help you create a plan for the trip you have been dreaming about. Topics will include: When and how to travel; best times to plan your travel; airline reservations; Alaska Highway (ALCAN) travel ; food- lodging- travel options and costs; free and inexpensive activities; hunting, fishing and wildlife viewing; websites to visit; travel brochures; developing a trip budget. They will also highlight three areas that are of interest for those who have limited time for travel. The Kenai Peninsula, to include Seward, Homer, Soldotna, and Kenai. The Interior, to include Palmer, Wasilla, Talkeetna, Denali, Fairbanks and North Pole .East Central, to include Palmer, Glennallen, Copper Center, Valdez, Prince William Sound and Whittier.The insights presented will help you plan and travel wisely.

Defensive Driving Class (4 hour refresher)

Tuesday Feb. 21            5:30pm-9:30pm Mn. Dept. of Trans.           $12

Monday Mar.27               5:30pm-9:30pm Mn. Dept. of Trans.           $12

Monday April 24             5:30pm-9:30pm Mn. Dept. of Trans            $12

You must be 55 or older to participate. This class is for the individual who has had a previous 8-hour class. Participants will receive a reduction in their car insurance after completing this class. All materials are provided by the Minnesota Dept. of Transportation. Pre registration is required by calling the Virginia Community Ed Office at 742-3990. Trooper Peter Goman, Instructor.


Estate Planning

Wed., Feb. 15                 6:00-7:30pm       Resource Center         Free

By definition, estate planning is a process designed to help you manage and preserve your assets while you are alive, and to conserve and control there distribution after you’re death according to your goals and objectives. But what estate planning means to you specifically depends on who you are. Your age, health, wealth, lifestyle, life stage, goals, and many other factors determine your particular estate planning needs.


Watercolor Painting–“Winter Birch”

Thurs., Feb. 16               5:30-9:30pm       A140                                    $15

Anyone can paint with watercolors using Gail’s step-by-step process. Pay $12 supply fee to instructor at the class.


Embellished Diamond Beading Class

Tues. Feb 21                  5:30-8:30pm               A140                   $13

Join Diane and make a unique bracelet that you will be sure to cherish for years to come. Supply fee paid at class.


Stocks: The Nuts & Bolts

Mon. Feb. 27                  6:00-8:00pm       Resource Center     Free

This class teaches basic information to help investors evaluate if stocks fit into their overall strategy. Discusses common versus preferred stock, dividends, investments strategy and different ways to own stock.


Oil Painting- “Northern Lights # 4”

Thurs., Mar., 2                5:30-9:30             A140                                    $15

If you have not tried painting with Gail, now is the time! Anyone can do it with Gail’s help.   Mat included. Pay $12 supply fee to instructor at the class.


Watercolor Painting–“Crashing Waves”

Thurs., Mar. 16               5:30-9:30pm       A140                                    $15

Anyone can paint with watercolors using Gail’s step-by-step process. Pay $12 supply fee to instructor at the class.


Leave it, Move it, Roll it, Take it: Know your Employer Retirement Plan Options

Mon. Mar. 20                  6:00-8:00pm       Resource Center              Free

This class will explore options for what to do with money from a previous employer sponsored plan—pros and cons of taking a lump sum, leaving assets in a plan or moving to another plan, rolling over to a traditional or Roth IRA or receiving annuity payments from a pension.


Diamond Crossing Beading Class

Tues. Mar. 21           5:30-8:30pm            A140                           $13

Join Diane and make a unique bracelet that you will be sure to cherish for years to come. Supply fee paid at class.


Learn to Make Egg Rolls

Thurs. Mar. 23         6:00-8:00 pm           A140                               $28

Join Espie Teman as she shows you her quick and easy way to prepare egg rolls. Espie’s egg rolls are a favorite at the many potlucks that she attends, and so easy to do. You will be provided with all the ingredients and make them in class and even have a few extra to bring home! Bring a container and sign up early. Space is limited!


Preparing for Long Term

Tues. April 4                   6:00-7:30pm       Resource Center             Free

In an instant an accident or diagnosis can change your life…and your family’s. This workshop explores long-term care and how your family can prepare for it. Questions that will be answered are: Where would I receive long-term care? Who would provide it? How would I pay for it?


Step it up Beading

Tues. April 11           5:30-8:30pm            A140                           $13

Join Diane and make a unique bracelet that you will be sure to cherish for years to come. Supply fee paid at class.


Coffee, Computers & Conversation

Thursdays                     9:00–10:30 am         Starts Jan.               Free

Come and have a cup of coffee at the Urban Edge and get help with your ipad, iPhone, or computer questions! Students from the Virginia Student Tech Support class will be there, willing and able to help you. Bring your device and your questions! Please call to reserve your morning or with any questions 742-3990

Call for appointment. Class is offered once a month.


Chanhassen Dinner Theatre Trip: Grease

Deluxe Motor coach Trip to Chanhassen Dinner Theatre to see “ Grease” on Saturday, May 20, 2017. Motor coach departs the Thunderbird Mall Parking Lot near the Village Inn at 6:00 A.M. We arrive at Chanhassen by 10:45, and the meal is served at 11:00. The performance begins at 1:00 P.M. We depart between 3:45 and 4:00 P.M. The motor coach will stop at Hinckley for 30 minutes on the way home and return to the Thunderbird Mall parking lot by 9:00 P.M. The cost per person for the meal, show ticket, and motor coach bus ride is $129 must be signed up and paid by April 7th. Call 742-3990 for more info.



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