School Closings






TO:  Parents, Guardians, and Students 


The time is here again when schools close for inclement weather.  I want you to be informed of the procedures that will be used if school closings are necessary.  While I do not anticipate closing school often, you do need to be prepared. Along with the School Security systems alerts, schools close for non-weather related reasons also, such as the loss of a utility like electricity or water.  It is possible that busses may run in town but not on all rural roads.


There are three types of school closings.  They are; closed for the day, a late start, and an early dismissal.  Late starts will always be two hours late.  That means if class starts at 8:15 A.M. on a normal day it will start at 10:15 A.M. on a late start day.  A cold breakfast will be available if there is a late start day.  Preschool programs such as ECSE, ECFE, Learning Readiness, and Head Start will communicate individually with parents what their schedule will be on late start dates.  If there is an early dismissal then After School Child Care will not be held.


The decision to close or run late will be made early enough in the morning for parents to make adjustments in their personal schedules and to accommodate day care.  Due to the fact that science has not advanced far enough yet to have weather forecasts that are 100% accurate, a decision to close school will generally not be made in the evening.  You will need to wait until the morning to hear the announcement.


An Instant Alert message will be sent to those parents and students who have registered to receive Instant Alert messages.  Please check with your school office if you have not registered.  In addition, the school closing announcements will be put on the following media stations:


Radio                                                  Television

WEVE 97.9 FM                                  KDLH 3/KBJR 6

WTBX 93.9 FM                                  WDIO 10

Radio USA 99.9 FM

WMFG 106.3 FM

KMFG 102.9 FM

WMFG 1240 AM



The information will also be put on the home page of the Virginia Public Schools website.  You may want to bookmark as a favorite on your home computer.


Please do not call the school to find out if school is closed.  This only interferes with the process of getting the information to the public in a timely manner.


You need to prepare your children for the winter season.  I urge you to go to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety website.  They have some great information there.  Below is an excerpt from their website:


“Winter Attire:  Dress warmly in loose-fitting, layered, lightweight clothing.  Outer garments should be tightly woven, water repellent and natural wool, if possible.  Wear a hat.  More than half of body heat is lost through the top of the head.  Wear mittens that are snug at the wrist.  Mittens offer better protection than gloves, which allow your fingers to cool much faster.  Cover your mouth and nose with a scarf to help protect lungs from cold air.  Attempt to keep you feet as dry as possible.  Wear wool socks.


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