ECFE Circle Time Fun

May 7 is the last day for the spring ECFE trimester.  We are sad to see the end of the school year but look forward to seeing families in the fall.  The ECFE fall newsletter which includes the new class offerings will be mailed out late August for the 2020-2021 school year.  Have a fun and relaxing summer with your families!

Circle Time Week March 30

Circle Time Week April 6

Circle Time Week April 20

Circle Time Week April 27

May Parent & Child Play Suggestions

Find 3 red objects. Look for circles in your home. Gather pots, pans, and wooden spoons.  Make music.
Take a walk in your neighborhood looking for birds.  What are they doing? Play sink and float in the bathtub. Read a favorite book.
Hide an object.  Use positional language (in-front of, below, behind, above) to  find object. Play freeze dance to your favorite music. Make a card for someone special.
Roll a ball to your child.  Have them roll it back to you. Gather toys of different colors.  Sort them by their colors. Go outside with someone special.


Fine Motor Toddler Activities

1. Play dough with any toy, cookie cutter, spoon, fork, pizza cutter

2. Place a hard spaghetti noodle in play dough and place O-shaped cereal on the noodle

3. Craft sticks in bucket, bottle, parmesan container

4. Squirting water from a squirt bottle

5. Stacking blocks, thread spools, canned goods, blocks

6. Pouring water into and out of cups

7. Place cut up straw pieces onto to a pipe cleaner to make a necklace or bracelet

8. Write or draw with side walk chalk

hands-on ideas for fine motor practice

Tips for Singing With Infants and Toddlers

1. Physically connect
2. Sing slowly
3. Repeat songs
4. Sing as a transition
5. Sing to calm down
6. Keep songs simple
7. Share songs with family members


Now is a great time to sign your child up to receive a free book each month from the Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library.  The books are mailed to your home.



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