School Readiness/Pre-K Programs

2020-2021 Pre-K Applications are Available

As our country engages in national conversations about structural racism, our children are watching and listening. They have questions and if they haven’t already, they will ask them. What they learn and how they think about topics like identity, race, differences, and racism depends on the ways in which we choose to engage with them.  I have included some links to guide parents in having conversations with your child.




Mrs. Kush’s students and parents are creating Calm Down Kits for their home.


Mrs. Kemen’s class was designing cars, snowboards, and race cars then tested them on an inclined plane.


                         *****SUPER READERS******

                           Mr. Matuszak’s Class read 1637 books in the month of February.

Welcome to School Readiness/Pre-K Programs at Parkview Learning Center. 

Starting preschool is an exciting milestone for your young child’s life, marked by their emerging sense of independence of expanding social, language, and thinking skills.  School Readiness provides children with various opportunities to participate in early childhood and kindergarten readiness programs that enable them to enter school with the skills and behaviors needed to progress and flourish.

Here is a list of upcoming events for you and your School Readiness child to attend:

Upcoming Events

Thursday, September 3        Parkview Open House           1:00-3:00

Monday, September 21         Orientation for Pre-K 4 (M-TH)  Teacher times to be determined

Tuesday, September 22         Orientation for Pre-K 4 (T/TH)   Teacher time to be determined



Staff Names Position Email Phone
Shanon Kush-Jeffery ECFE Coordinator/ 2 Day School Readiness Teacher 742-3805

Ext. 4180

Kimmy Christenson Secretary 742-3805
Bradley Matuszak Teacher 749-5437          ext 4173
Kathy Kemen Teacher 749-5437           ext 4176
Dawn Koski Teacher 749-5437           ext 4174
Melinda Asuma Terrific 3’s,Transition, and Friday  Teacher 749-5437            ext 4181


Our program is located at 506 9th Ave. North in the new addition to the Parkview Learning Center school.

The Virginia School District offers a preschool experience designed to support your child’s development, and create a foundation for your child’s future academic, emotional and social success.  Our curriculum and activities focus on building confidence, independence, academic and social skills so your child enters kindergarten ready to continue learning.  We work in partnership with parents and families to connect them with community and family resources and provide support to parents in their role as the child’s most important teacher.

Our high quality programs offer children:

  • Learning spaces, time and activities that coincide with emotional, social, cognitive and physical abilities.
  • A nurturing environment where they feel safe and valued.
  • Props and toys designed to nurture natural curiosity and creativity through make-believe play.
  • Language, observation and problem solving skills.
  • Hands-on games and activities that introduce early literacy and math skills.
  • Gym and new playground for running, climbing and other gross motor skill development.

School Readiness for 3 year old (Terrific 3’s) uses play-based learning, emphasizing social-emotional development.  Children will learn how to part of a group, take turns, share, ask for help and more.  This class is offered 2 days a week for 3 hours a session.

School Readiness for 4 year olds uses play-based learning, emphasizing social-emotional development and school readiness skills through lessons learned in the classroom that are aligned with the Minnesota state standards and goals.  The 4 year old school readiness has two classroom options- 4 full days or 2 full days.  Transportation will be available for 4 year old school readiness children based on transportation eligibility.

Virginia School Readiness Program is Parent Aware Rated–Four STARS of Excellence

We are proud to be a proud to be a four star parent aware rated school.  Parent Aware’s rating system helps parent find preschools and childcare programs focused on high quality learning and kindergarten readiness.



  • Virginia Minnesota Public Schools
  • ISD 706
  • 411 South 5th Ave.
  • Virginia, MN 55792
  • Phone: 218-749-5437
  • Fax: 218-741-8522