School Readiness

2018-2019 Applications Available Soon!!!

 New 2018-2019 School Readiness Applications will be available starting Monday, February 26.  Virginia residents will receive their applications in the mail.  Open enrolled families will have access to applications online or at the Parkview office on Monday, February 26.


All Aboard the Reading Train

The reading challenge is on!  Each student is reading books at home and returning their boxcars, adding them to their class train.  The boxcars are added to the wall daily and the children are excited to see who is in the lead.  The Pre-K students have read over 1,500 books.  I can’t wait to see how many more they will read in the month of February.  Stop in to the see the progress!

Superhero Performance

The Virginia school readiness program collaborated with the Virginia Public Library to bring the Duluth Playhouse’s Imaginarium performers to the Parkview big gym on Monday, October 23 at 12:45.  The performers will present an interactive play about superheroes and everyday superheroes.  The play will be approximately 45 minutes long and is open to the public with small children.

School Readiness conferences are scheduled for Wednesday, November 1 and Thursday, November 2.

Congratulations and Welcome to the 4 year old School Readiness program!!!!

Starting preschool is an exciting milestone for your young child’s life, marked by their emerging sense of independence of expanding social, language, and thinking skills.  School Readiness provides children with various opportunities to participate in early childhood and kindergarten readiness programs that enable them to enter school with the skills and behaviors needed to progress and flourish.

Here is a list of upcoming events for you and your School Readiness child to attend:

August 31                                     Parkview Open House                          1:00-3:00

September 12,13,14                   Preschool Screening Dates

September 14                              Terrific 3’s Orientation                         5:00-5:30

September 14                              ECFE Kick-Off “A Splash of Color”    5:30-7:00

September 18                              4’s Mon.-Thur. orientation

8:30-10:30  Mrs. Kemen

8:30-10:30  Mrs. Friedlieb

September 18                              4’s Mon.-Thur. orientation

12:30-2:30   Mrs. Koski

12:30-2:30   Ms. Tveit

September 19                              4’s First FULL day for Mon.-Thur.

September 19                              4’s Tues. & Thur. orientation               8:30-10:30   Mrs. Kush

September 21                              4’s First FULL day for Tues. & Thur.

October 2                                     3’s First day for Mon. & Wed. class     8:00-11:00

A reminder to complete and return your child’s immunization records to the school.

Please bring all school supplies to the open house or school readiness orientation on September 18.

Call the Virginia bus garage at 741-6240 for bus information ( pick-up or drop-off information).

Students may purchase hot lunch or bring their own “cold” lunch to school.  Parents are asked to fill out an application for educational benefits form to see if they qualify for free/reduced lunch prices.

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