ECFE School Readiness

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School Readiness children have been exploring and problem solving in the classrooms.

Starting preschool is an exciting milestone for your young child’s life, marked by their emerging sense of independence and expanding social, language, and thinking skills.  School Readiness provides children with various opportunities to participate in early childhood and kindergarten readiness programs that enable them to enter school with the skills and behaviours needed to progress and flourish.


Here is a list of upcoming events for you and your School Readiness student to attend:

September 1 Parkview Open House  12:30-3:30

September 15 ECFE Kickoff Carnival   5:30-7:00

September 16 School Readiness Orientations

(Note: times have changed)

Ms.Tveit & Ms. Kemen 9:00-10:15

Ms. Dawn & Ms. F      9:30-10:45

Ms. Kush   10:00-11:15

September 19 FIRST DAY OF CLASS  8:05-2:45

A reminder to complete the immunization form and annual health survey returning them to the school.

Please bring all school supplies to the school readiness orientation on September 16.  Please do NOT label the supplies, except clothing and towels.

Call the Virginia bus garage at 741-6240 for school bus information.

Students may purchase hot lunch or bring their own “cold” lunch to school.  Parents will need to fill out an application for educational benefits form to see if they qualify for free/reduced lunch prices.  These forms will be available in the office.  

Staff Names Position Email Phone
Shanon Kush-Jeffery ECFE Coordinator/Teacher 742-3805
Nancy Youngman Secretary 742-3805
Marina Franscone Teacher 749-5437 ext 4175
Kathy Kemen Teacher 749-5437 ext 4176
Dawn Koski Teacher 749-5437 ext 4173
Samantha Tveit Teacher 749-5437 ext 4174


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  • ISD 706
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  • Virginia, MN 55792
  • Phone: 218-749-5437
  • Fax: 218-741-8522