Facilities & Finance Committees

We recognize that parent and community involvement is key to student success.  As such, Community members are invited to apply to serve on the Virginia Public School District’s Finance and Facilities Advisory Committees.  We are seeking to add 6 new members to each committee.

Community members are encouraged to complete an “Expression of Interest Form” if they would like to be considered for service on either committee.  After a pool of candidates is complied, each school Board Member will appoint one applicant to be a member on each of the committees.  If you have questions, please contact Superintendent Deron Stender at 218-749-5437.

What does the Finance and Facilities Advisory Committees do?

The advisory committees typically meet for 2-4 times a year or as necessary to assist the school board by reviewing data and making recommendations. Members of the school board and administration also serve on and facilitate the work of the committees. Meetings last between 1-2 hours and each committee sets the meeting time.


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