Parkview Learning Center Building Project Summary

In 2008, the Virginia Early Childhood Task Force was formed to investigate and prepare a plan to prepare every young child to enter Kindergarten ready for learning success. Since the Task Force presented its plan to the school board in 2009, expanding Parkview Learning Center and providing unique and innovative early childhood education has been a constant goal.

In 2012, the school board commissioned a *Community Advisory Committee to work with facility consultants from ATS&R and the school district to review facility needs and provide a recommendation to the school board. As a result of the committee work, a recommendation was made in the spring of 2013 to expand and remodel the Parkview Learning Center to accommodate enrollment and provide expanded early childhood services based on the School of the 21st Century (21C) model.

Funding to expand and remodel Parkview Learning Center is a result of successful legislation during the 2012 session that resulted in $7.7 million dollars of IRRB Revenue Bonds being awarded to the Virginia School District. Estimated costs for remodeling and construction ranges from $8 million dollars to $8.8 million dollars. The current Parkview Learning Center building project will not have a tax impact on District residents.

The District works collaboratively with AEOA Head Start and Early Childhood Education to address the educational and facility needs of our children. This fall, AEOA Head Start and the District will apply for additional project funds through a competitive application process for Early Childhood Facility Bonds. The District continues to explore alternative funding options to maximize second party resources and increase the scope of the project beyond Parkview Learning Center.

In the fall of 2013, following the Community Advisory Committee’s recommendation, the school board hired Architectural Resources, Inc. from Hibbing to facilitate and develop plans to remodel and expand Parkview Learning Center.

Expanding Parkview Learning Center will allow more children to take advantage of quality early childhood education and preparing them for a successful educational experience and a bright future.

Timeline of events:

  • Ground breaking spring 2015
  • Construction & remodel process summer 2015-summer 2016
  • Grand opening Fall 2016* 2012 Community Advisory Committee: Spencer Aune, Al Becicka, Garrett Benz, Chris Bialke, Jana Blomberg, Quentin Bloomquist Samantha Caddy, Troy Caddy Alicia Cope, John Cope, Reggie Engebritson, Lindsay Engel, Skip Ferris, Greg Gilness, Heather Gulbranson, Laverne Hakly, Dennis Hendricks, Julie Johnson, Bob Judnick, Matt Krage, Mike Krebsbach Stacie Lamppa, Nevada Littlewolf, Amy Maki, Catherine McBride, Dan Milbridge, Tucker Nelson, Kennedy Niska-Burja, Katie Peterson, Bob Prittinen, Roger Rosandich, Heather Seppala, Angela Sipila, Judy Schink, Willie Spelts, Deron Stender, and Sarah Thyen.

    If you have any questions about the building project, please contact Superintendent Deron Stender at 218-742-3901 or 

Download Parkview Building Summary August 2014 (PDF)

PLC east view 27Aug14

PLC south view 27Aug14


PLC plan 27Aug14


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