Pre-K Distance Learning

Pre-K Distance Learning

Families, In this unprecedented COVID-19  crisis, you stepped in and helped in unremarkable ways with your child’s education at home.  I know it wasn’t easy, and wasn’t ideal, but your dedication to your child’s education has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated.  Students’ families and educators have always been a team, but this year we truly showed what TEAMWORK is all about.  Thank you for all your dedication, effort and support!

The Pre-K Teachers

Teachers’ Contact Information**

Melinda Asuma

Kathy Kemen

Dawn Koski

Shanon Kush-Jeffery

Brad Matuszak

Video Lessons:

Previous Weeks Video Links

May 4 Video    

May 5           

May 6 Video   

May 7 Video 

May 11 Video

May 12 Video

May 12 Video

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May 18 Video

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May 21 Video

Letters and Sounds- Painting Letters

Paint letters with water on the sidewalk.  As the water dries, the letters disappear.


Make a water tub.  Add measuring cups, measuring spoons and bottles.  Measure the water.  Which cup or spoon holds the most water?

Fine Motor-Car Wash or Doll Bath

Set up a mini car wash or barbie doll bath.  Get a tub of water small cars or dolls, sponges to wash and clean the toys.

Gross Motor-Obstacle Course

Make an obstacle course with chalk on the sidewalk or driveway.  Draw circles to hop in, lines to tip toe on, and spirals to spin in.


Find a box and make a car or train.  The adult will need to cut the box for the child as needed.  What features are you going to add to your vehicle?  Will your vehicle be able to roll or slide?

Play dough recipe  Playdough Recipe

                            May Choice Board

Read a book in the bathtub. Find 7 triangles, 7 squares, and 7 circles. Create a tin foil structure.  
Skate on wax paper or paper plates. Make a “bucket list” to do during the shelter at home phase. Blow bubbles.  What shape did you make?  Predict how many bubbles you will blow each try.
Make a pattern with sticks and rocks. Pick a flower and find 5 things longer than the flower. Put a message board in the kitchen and write silly messages to each other.
Draw shapes with chalk. Make a map of your house. Draw a picture of something that makes you happy.

Choose 2 activities from the choice board to do each week with your family.



Tommy Thumbs     

Little Rabbit Foo Foo

Where is Thumbkin      

Slippery Fish        

Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed

Tiny Tim           

Bringing Home My Baby Bumble Bee


Active Movement Links:

These are some of the favorite movement songs from the children at the Parkview Pre-K program.

Zero the Hero           



Go Noodle                 

Going on a Bear Hunt

Listen and Move      

More Resources

Scholastic Learn At Home-Day to day projects to keep children reading, thinking and growing.

Cosmic Kids Yoga– Find yoga and mindfulness activities channel for kids 3+

Learning Station-Fun songs that teach.

National Aquarium-Experience the Black-tip Reef with fascinating animals such as black-tip reef sharks, tasselled wobbegongs, clown triggerfish and honeycomb stingrays.

Sesame Street-There are wonderful games, videos, and art projects for young children, featuring their favorite characters.

Dr. Jean- Fun Dr. Jean you tube songs that teach.

National Geographic Kids-There are great animal videos, games and more to explore at national geographic kids.

Story Time

There are bright and engaging stories, appropriate for a variety of ages at Brightly Storytime.

Virtual Field Trips

This virtual field trip and adventure get an up-close look at some of the many wonders of the world from landmarks to museums to zoos and aquariums.

Social Emotional Resources

Create a daily visual schedule using the items for the link below.   Parents can request a paper version be mailed to your home or email for a copy.

Daily Schedule

Helping Your Child During the Pandemic

Many children are asking their parents why can’t I go to school.   You will read the social story for your child while the video runs answering the question “Why Can’t I Go To School?” from the National Center for Pyramid Model Innovations.

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