Pre-K Distance Learning

Pre-K Distance Learning

The Virginia school district and Pre-K teachers are preparing to provide you with lessons in the event the school closures related to the COVID-19 continues. We want to remind you that you have always been the FIRST and BEST teachers of your child.   The magic of early childhood comes from allowing moments of unstructured play and experiential learning.

We want to encourage families to take this time to slow down and connect with each other.  Find joy in the moments of togetherness and take time to enjoy a slower pace at home.  The Pre-K teachers at Parkview will be posting lesson ideas that involve everyday learning that will inspire family connections.  We will also be sending out paper packets to the Virginia Pre-K students that will align with our online content (the online content can be used with or without these paper packets). This page will be set up as such:  Teachers’ contact information, lesson ideas, finger plays, links to active movement, and social emotional resources.

Teachers’ Contact Information**

Melinda Asuma

Kathy Kemen

Dawn Koski

Shanon Kush-Jeffery

Brad Matuszak

**Please contact your child’s teacher to learn other contact information and office hours.

Lesson Ideas:


April 7 is wear Red day.

April 16 is Silly Sock day .

Fine Motor- Play dough with Toys or Tools

Play dough is an independent play activity for children.  Children love play dough and it strengthens their finger muscles for writing.  Here are some fun tools and toys to add to the play dough: pasta, cars, rolling pins, cookie cutters, toothpicks, plastic animals, beads, sticks, rocks, scissors, pipe cleaners, and child’s toys.

Here are some ways to use the dry pasta with the play dough:

*Use the pasta to make sculptures, prints and textured patterns in the play dough.

*Build towers, make letters, and just have fun!

Here is the play dough recipe  Playdough Recipe

Literacy-Read a favorite book

Questions to ask:

Before reading: What do you think this book is about:  How do you know?

During reading:  Who are the characters?  Who is the main character?  What is the setting?  What do you predict will happen?  What are 3 events in the story?  What happened first, next, and at the end?  How would you feel if you were the character?

After reading:  What was your favorite part of the book?  Were your predictions correct?

Math-Utensil Count

Count the number of spoons, forks, and butter knives all together and then in their individual groups.

The child will write down the number of each individual utensil. Example:  8 forks, 5 spoons, 10 knives

Which utensil has the most?    Which has the least?  How many more would you need to have the most?

Challenge:  Have your child add two of the utensils together?  How many all together?

                            April Choice Board

Draw a picture of your favorite place. Count how many windows in your home and write the number.


How many words can you rhyme with hat ?


Gallop like a horse.


Make a card for someone and mail it.


Help with lunch this week.  What did you make?


How many letters are in your name? Your mom and dad’s name? Compare the numbers.


Skip as far as you can.  How far did you go?


Help with the laundry. Sort the socks.


Count how many stairs there are in your home? Write the number 5 and find five toys. Draw a picture of something that makes you happy.

Choose 2 activities from the choice board to do each week with your family.


Active Movement Links:

These are some of the favorite movement songs from the children at the Parkview Pre-K program.

Baby Shark              

Freeze Dance           

Zero Hero Count to 100



More Resources

Scholastic Learn At Home-Day to day projects to keep children reading, thinking and growing.


Cosmic Kids Yoga– Find yoga and mindfulness activities channel for kids 3+


San Diego Zoo Kids Videos-See live feeds of some amazing animals, and find great activities from the zookeepers.


Sesame Street-There are wonderful games, videos, and art projects for young children, featuring their favorite characters.

Social Emotional Resources

Create a daily visual schedule using the items for the link below.   Parents can request a paper version be mailed to your home or email for a copy.

Daily Schedule

Many children are asking their parents why can’t I go to school.   You will read the social story for your child while the video runs answering the question “Why Can’t I Go To School?” from the National Center for Pyramid Model Innovations.

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